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Eterna is an Immigration and Wealth Management Consultancy helping successful investors and entrepreneurs since 1928. Let us stack the odds in your favor.

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Since 1928, we pioneer solutions for our clients to increase their global mobility, to safeguard their wealth and to seize unique business opportunities across continents. With over four generations of experience, you can count on us.

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Capital goes where it's welcome and stays where it's well treated.
~ Walter B. Wriston

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From $60 000 CAD | access_time 9 to 48 months

A land of vast distances and abundant natural resources, Canada became a self-governing dominion in 1867. The country has two official languages: English and French. It is a federal parliamentary democracy and has the world's ninth-largest economy as of 2020. Canada has a culturally diverse population due to its long history of welcoming immigrants and refugees. It is one of the most peaceful nations and offers publicly funded healthcare and education.

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1. Business Start-Up

2. Business Acquisition

3. Government Bonds

We Make it Look Easy.

We help high net worth individuals and their family to relocate to more favorable jurisdictions to create the life style they desire.

The Investor Migration Guide

To understand the key concepts of immigration by investment programs around the world.

Step 1 - Consultation

Discuss your goals, get answers to your questions and explore your options.

Step 2 - Exploration

Get the opportunity to do business networking, inspect investment prospects, initiate business transactions and visit potential neighborhoods for your family.

Step 3 - Planning

We will perform an extensive analysis of your situation to anticipate foreseeable obstacles and provide you with an actionable plan to help you take well-informed decisions

Step 4 - Execution

You can kick back, relax and enjoy life while your team of professionals manages the transactional and immigration processes right down to the smallest detail.

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