The Investor Migration Guide

An introduction to the fundamental concepts of business immigration and citizenship programs.

Written by Attorney Simon Labelle
Co-authored by Attorney Pierre-Marc Lecompte


As entrepreneurs and investors ourselves, we know your time is money. So this guide is as short as it can possibly be to help you understand the key concepts behind the various immigration by investment programs in existence also known as “golden visas”, “investor visas”, “entrepreneur visas”, “business immigration visas” and many more variants.

In brief, minor differences exist between programs, but the fundamental concepts remain the same wherever you decide to immigrate. It is these concepts that we wish to vulgarize to provide you with:

  1. A general understanding of how these programs work;
  2. Awareness of the challenges you may encounter;
  3. An understanding of the role your professional advisors can play to help you plan your immigration.

We are working on it!

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